End-to-end responsibility for the technology upgradations and features developed in
Card reader

  • Mobile applications - Android and iOS mobile applications for  reporting, analytics and accessing  the data from cloud.
  • On-premise gateway to cloud and Web APIs deployed in cloud


  • Leverage QuEST’s expertise in end-to-end product development (Hardware and Software) and expertise in different technologies
  • Transforming device technology from Windows CE to Linux
  • Upgrading legacy devices to latest touch based device series
  • Service to service authorization to support cloud connectivity
  • Porting APIs developed in ASP.Net to Azure
  • Transforming mobile application’s technology to Ionic 4 as a hybrid solution so that it supports both Android and iOS 


  • Reduced setup time/cost and maintenance cost after transforming to cloud solution and after technology upgradation
  • ~70% improvement to user perceived performance of touch based device UI
  • Highly available and scalable solution suitable for large scale hospitals
  • Improved brand perception with addition of differentiating features
  • More customers by supporting both Android and iOS


  • Adding support for latest touch based device series completed on time
  • Scalable on-premise gateway which enables cloud based solutions in place on time
  • Technology upgradation of devices and mobile application completed
  • Porting of APIs to Azure in place


  • Transformed the devices to be highly available having seamless functionality with the new offline device support feature
  • Transformed the on-premise part of the solution to be suitable for large scale hospitals by making on-premise gateway scalable
  • Shaped the solution fully self manageable which enables the staff to manage their shifts themselves
  • Automatic mobile notification to users about upcoming shift which helps them to plan in a better way