Customer challenge

Trip Optimization

Customer is a global leader in driving high-tech change across the rail industry to reduce costs, streamline operations and increase performance. 

The customer was looking for a partner to:

  • Provide software-based energy management system for  Trip Optimization
  • Provide support in complete software lifecycle



  • Software-based energy management system for Trip Optimization
    • Data collection and processing
    • Software – Design and development of embedded software and application software.
  • System definition, software development, QA Automation, Verification and Validation for Trip Optimizer


  • A smart cruise control system that saves fuel and improves train handling. Trip optimizer reduces trip variation by automating train operation

Augmented Scrum teams operating in Agile framework

  • Analysis of complete track data from GPS information
  • Record and display diagnostics
  • Complete control on Notch and throttle during auto mode for better fuel utilization
  • Interaction with distributed power system that enables coordinated braking and traction power distribution between lead and remote locomotives
  • Introduced connectivity module
  • Encrypted customer specific configurations and key files
  • End to End Test Validation and Automation of Regression Test



  • Intelligent, fuel-saving cruise control for locomotives to optimize fuel consumption based on a specific train’s make up and route traveled.
  • Optimum speed profile considering factors such as train length, weight, and track profile
  • Automatic control of throttle and dynamic brake


  • Provides consistent and efficient train handling for complex trains over challenging terrain
  • Automates train operation and reduces driver-to-driver variations in fuel usage


  • Reduces fuel consumption 3-17% (average ~10%) with corresponding emissions reduction
  • Reduces fuel consumption by 32,000 galloons per locomotive per year