Customer Challenge

  • Customer wanted to verify the functionalities of various applications/BIOS /Windows driver/performance testing/stress testing etc. in laptops/desktops.
  • Test plans available for manual testing across various devices was time consuming.
  • Execution of test cases in di_erent OS versions for each release was di_cult and often did not meet the release schedule.


Proposed to create a Test Automation Framework that could 

  • Execute different types of test cases in various machines simultaneously.
  • Include reusable components which can be used in other modules.
  • Configure various types of test machines
  • Efficiently undertake exception handling.
  • Integrate to test automation scripts easily


  • Developed a validation automation suite with a vision of comprehensive automation strategy
  • Provided a Test Manager component which execute/schedule test jobs to run whenever the test resource or Unit Under Test (UUT) is available
  • Created a Test Center which can distribute test jobs to the Test Managers in different test sites.
  • Built a common library module which enhances the reusability perspective of the framework
  • Created a Utility component and Configuration component which can restart/hibernate/sleep the testing devices and configure the devices for test execution
  • Tools & Technologies : Robot framework, Python, Selenium, PywinAuto


  • Enhanced the test execution speed and increased the productivity of the organization
  • Flexibility to add new features or technology to the existing solution
  • Reusability of common features, functionalities and actions for various applications
  • Reduced human error


  • Improved the overall product quality.
  • Increased productivity thereby better time to market


  • Automation with open source scripting
  • Parallel execution on multiple test devices
  • Efficient way of Exception handling and Error Logging
  • Test cases are independent

Test Automation Framework for computing devices