Customer Challenge

We had to design a cab partition door and integrate it into the environment, taking into account all other interfaces in a short amount of time.

This included deciding the best place for an intercom speaker as well as fitting viewing glass.

The panel into which this was placed had to be designed with the environment in mind and ensure that all devices and buttons were ergonomically distributed for the best operation.


  • To verify the correct position of all internal reinforcements on the door partition
  • To design brackets for fixation of the door to the CAB interior environment
  • To select and size appropriate fasteners
  • To perform clash analysis
  • To create new parts, weldments (assembly) and installation drawings


  • We investigated the available scheme and feasibility study
  • Our teams created concepts and interfaces
  • We validated new concept proposals with CFT, IDD, methods and fire & safety teams
  • Our specialists agreed interfaces with the car body team
  • We collaboratively reviewed manufacturability and assembly sequences


  • Generated alternate concept ideas in line with car body and other cab interfaces
  • Presented design ideas in CFTs and selected appropriate concept for implementation
  • We ensured design complied to all requirements of human factors
  • Our team created manufacturing drawings for all levels of part, assembly, and installation
  • Documents and 3D released in VPM/PDM systems


  • An optimised design solution meeting the requirements of end customer
  • The design is compatible for all CAB range on LRV platform
  • Our design complies with human factors and stringent safety standards
  • This design has been arrived by keeping standardisation in mind, so it can be used as a solution across all similar projects in the future