Customer Challenge

We needed to help our client to analyse the temperature distribution within a saloon as the treated air is delivered from a heating/cooling system. 

This analysis was needed to ensure the system’s suitability for end, middle and double deck cars


  • To analyse the temperature distribution within the saloon as the treated air is delivered from the heating/cooling system


  • Using NX9.0 software, we created fluid volumes based on provided geometry specifications.
  • Our software expertise allowed us to test the air distribution within the cars under a range of environmental conditions.
  • We were able to visualise flow using contours and vectors. This allowed all stakeholders involved to see and test temperature distribution.


  • We used the latest STAR CCM+ and NX9.0 software for simulation, allowing for easy-to-understand visualization and measurement.


  • The customer was able to see the potential distribution and pressure drop of the treated air through the car’s ducting
  • They were able to measure comfort within the saloon and determine the best summer and winter configurations.
  • Temperature distribution within the double deck saloon was assessed across 14 operating points to determine system effectiveness.