The Scope

A rolling stock manufacturer required an augmented reality (AR) application to help optimise the assembly and disassembly of bogie components for a rolling stock manufacturer. This software needed to provide information and key insight to the engineer at all points of the process in order to pinpoint requirements. 

This application also was required to contain BoM for each part when it came to assembly. 

The Solution

QuEST Global developed an outline for the AR solution, taking into account all the requirements for the rolling stock manufacturer. Ultimately, this solution needed to help engineers reduce time spent on the assembly and disassembly of bogie components, which also contributed towards reducing costs. This essentially needed to be a system that was easy to use, while being detailed and precise to complete any works to the highest standards.

Our teams developed a 3D and 2D solution for this. The 3D visualisation focused on parts and assembly, which the 2D content focused on PD and quantity to allow for stronger illustrations of procedures.

This AR application was developed to be usable on the engineer’s device to allow for adaptability and use where required – taking into account the development of the best user experience, animation and video so that this became an essential component of the engineer’s working procedure, rather than a potential hindrance. By combining our team’s knowledge with the customer, we created a software solution that demonstrated step-by-step digital animations to allow the engineer to visualise the correct procedure, thus reducing time and cost.

This was linked with the BoM to identify the relevant parts and components to improve efficiency.


  • Clear: it gives a full, 3D animated breakdown of the procedures to reduce the need for hand holding
  • Prudent: it displays a bill of materials shown for each part
  • Bespoke: an enhanced user interface was designed specifically for this application and reduced any language barriers the customer may have faced from working globally
  • Helpful: we provided full assistance for the installation
  • Flexible: the system has support for different media formats


  • Simple: it is easy to use for the shop floor operator
  • Expedient: it saves time in the engineering process, whilst providing guidance to assure better quality work
  • Integral: it can be used as a state-of-the-art training manual for staff
  • Inclusive: it can be used across different sites without language barriers