Customer Challenges

  • A major aero-engine OEM wanted to redesign bearing housing due to its high cost and complex design
  • The existing design consisted of 48 welded cast vanes which needed a very complex assembly process


  • Redesign of aero engine bearing housing to reduce manufacturing cost


  • New design proposed with a single piece casting and new assembly parts
  • Proposed design checked for structural integrity and compatibility with the design standards of OEM


  • All redesign budgetary requirements met
  • Manufacturing cost reduced because of casting
  • Considerable reduction in weight
  • Improved fuel consumption due to reduced aerodynamic wind steps in annulus


  • On-time delivery of design, 3D models, stress reports and manufacturing drawings
  • 50% reduction of manufacturing cost
  • 23% reduction of component weight


  • Complete design solution reports including stress analysis, life and engineering drawings
  • Design complexity reduced from 48 welded vanes to single casting
  • Reduced aerodynamic wind steps in annulus

Redesign of Bearing Housing for Aero Engine Manufacturer