Customer Challenge

This was a first-time development project carried out at a site in India.

The thermal conditioning unit (TCU) is a complex piece of equipment, which meant design work provided its own set of unique challenges.

As part of the project, we needed to create sophisticated simulations to test cooling and heating components.


  • Scope of this work was to design a TCU as a platform solution that can be used across various future projects.
  • Our teams worked on various design ideas and selected the appropriate concept for implementation.
  • Quest Global team were brought on board to cover a series of design phases (critical design review, preliminary design review and detailed design review).
  • We had to release all necessary drawings in PDM software.


  • Quest Global started with a feasibility study of the given concept
  • Then created preliminary and detailed designs
  • We reviewed manufacturing and assembly sequences


  • The TCU is developed to cool down the heat generated by the battery unit while taking traction through the batteries.


  • Importantly, the design is future proof – it is compatible with ongoing projects and can be used as a platform solution across all future projects
  • With our global footprint we were able to ensure a large proportion of the design was done by Quest Global India team