Customer Challenge

We helped to develop passenger seat system integration for metro, outer suburban and long-distance trains. The design had to be one which could be used on all of the customer’s trains in the future.

The work began with the concept, and went on through the process, with coordination with seat supplier in both Spain and Austria to supply the first- and second-class seats respectively.


  • To develop passenger seats system integration for metro, outer suburban and long distance trains. The methodology needed to be used as a platform solution across a range of trains in the future
  • Develop concept design with supplier and review through critical design review / preliminary design review and detailed design review with structures, methods, and industrial design teams
  • Release all necessary design documents in virtual project modelling / product data management


  • We sent system requirements to the supplier and jointly investigated the possibilities of interfaces for the passenger seats system by considering all sub-systems like dado and lower trim panels.
  • Our team created interface control documents describing all interfaces for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Collaboratively we validated concept proposals along with supplier with CFT, interface design description, methods & maintenance and human factors teams.
  • Review manufacturability and assembly sequences.


  • We generated alternate concept ideas along with supplier with interfaces like car body, dado panels, lower trim, draught screens and first class partition
  • Our team presented design ideas in CFTs and helped with the selection of the appropriate solution
  • We reviewed the final design and drawings sent to us by suppliers.
  • A prototype was able to be made by the supplier to verify a final design