Customer Challenge

We needed to assist our client in the design of an auxiliary converter which would cater for next generation products.

Requirement of a standardised design which allowed the client to reuse the component across a number of existing and upcoming projects. It also had to be compact, so that it fit in with pre-existing third rail facilities on a metro system in India.


  • Mechanical design of enclosure and integration of all sections with IP integrity, structural integrity and to sustain shock and vibration according to EN60529, EN 12663, EN61373
  • Mechanical layout of all electrical and mechanical components inside all sections
  • Developing a BoM with long lead item list with product data management structure
  • Create a cable integration solution with assembly sequence logic
  • Ensure mechanical and electrical interface definition with the car body as well as within the converter box
  • Pass all gate reviews from CDR to DDR. All mechanical deliveries are to be met.
  • Release all necessary drawings through virtual project modelling and product data management


  • We ensured a constant collaboration with the client project team to develop concept layouts of all electrical components.
  • Our team designed mechanical fixations, enclosures and cable integration whilst carrying out frequent reviews with the internal project teams and client operations team.
  • We worked with the car body team to ensure proper mechanical and electrical interface definition.
  • We defined the mechanical requirements — to make sure the product meets all requirements and regulations, while at the same time ensuring better component layout.
  • Our specialists reviewed the manufacturability and assembly sequences with the client operations team.


  • Milestone achieved: Approved preliminary design review.
  • The Preliminary Finite Element Analysis (FEA) results confirmed the structural integrity of the design.
  • Our preliminary thermal simulation ensured acceptable results with suggestions to improve the layout.
  • We created a standardized solution of enclosure for contactor module section and capacitor module section and mid-frame for both the projects (1500V AC variant & 750V DC variant).


  • The design is compatible with multiple projects and can be used as a platform solution across all future train projects within the Indian rail market.
  • The design complies with international railway standard and safety requirements.
  • Due to continuous collaboration with the customers operations team, future prototype building would now be much easier.
  • With regular interactions with the stake holders and ensuring that the gate reviews are cleared, we maintained a schedule of deliveries of Aux converter to car body within the agreed timelines.