CUSTOMER CHALLENGE The customer needed enablement from the scratch, for 2D GPU in a short span of time, and was also looking for quick development cycle (3-4 months). SCOPE

  • Port Linux 3.10 on A5 core of NXP HALO and develop BSP (board support package) for multiple peripherals on the chipset
  • Support for 2D GPU
  • Complete ownership of BSP, Device drivers


  • Porting Linux kernel on the Cortex A5 core
  • Implement/Port BSP for various modules on Linux
  • Enable Inter-Core communication between A5 and M4, using Freescale proprietary library
  • Accelerate Qt by 2D GPU with the interface of OpenVG
  • Enable low power mode for A5, M4 and M0


  • Qt is accelerated by the 2D GPU (with the OpenVG interface)
  • Supports displays on dual panel


  • Qt is accelerated by the 2D GPU (with the interface of OpenVG)
  • Dual panel display support
  • Device boot-up time optimized to 2-3 seconds
  • Beta BSP Modules available for free on Linux and FreeRTOS
  • Extended support on request