Customer Challenge

A shear plate design for a model of train car worked well as part of a five-car configuration, however it would not suit a newer model of train car that would feature as part of a 10-car configuration.

We needed to work with the client to re-design the shear plate installation to suit newer model – particularly with regards to new electrical interfaces and toilet designs.

Key to this was a requirement that the newly designed model would be used as a donor car for other train projects.


  • To re-design shear plate installation to suit newer car according to new electrical interface control documents and toilet design
  • Design would be expected to be compatible with other upcoming projects
  • Create new design solutions and review through to PDR/DDR with structures, methods
  • Release all necessary drawings in virtual project modelling and product data management software


  • We set out to plot the difference in layout between two train cars
  • A study was then carried out into electrical interface control documents for the car
  • Our teams looked into the latest solution for the toilet area and verified its suitability
  • We completed a concept design and validated this with the structural design team
  • As part of the project we created BoM, installation, assembly and detailed drawings


  • New concept ideas which were evaluated with the client and their structural team
  • Carried out a full review of proposed solutions with the electrical team to make sure the electrical equipment/cable holders can be fitted.
  • Existing DIQRs and CRs on five-car shear plate had been considered to avoid future CRs


  • Our collaborative design is compatible with other train projects from the customer
  • The design can be used as a platform solution across all future train projects, compatible with space-saving toilets solution
  • Addressed issues raised in DIQRs and CRs for five-car train; thus saving cost & effort
  • Reviewed and agreed the design with all stakeholders, including the supplier prior to release
  • Production released 3D design and Installation, assembly and detailed drawings