Customer Challenge

We helped to design a new grab pole, as the existing design did not give passengers enough area to hold onto.

The new design had to provide a solution that would help protect passenger stability whilst the train in motion.


  • To replace the current handrail with one vertical pole with minimal impacts on the end wall trimming for all the eight cars in the set.
  • Perform a finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure the deflection is within the acceptable range.
  • Perform a bolt calculation using COBRA software.


  • We designed the grab pole so that the changes to the end wall were minimal.
  • Our team retained all clamping and fastening details as per the original design.
  • We redesigned the mounting brackets for the top side fixation.
  • FEA was carried out to ensure that the pole is stiffened enough for the load acting on it.


  • Design of the grab pole in vertical form to provides a better grip for the passenger
  • Top fixation concept design with min impact to the surroundings


  • Minimum changes to the existing car body
  • Top fixation part will work with all the eight car bodies
  • Quick Turnaround time with end-to-end ownership
  • Excel macros created for bolt calculation automation