Business Requirements

The deployed Onboard Software is in accordance to (various geographies across the world)

  • ERTMS/ETCS BL2 and BL3 specifications
  • CENELEC EN50128 SIL 4.
  • Certification of ETCS software from Independent Safety Assessment Team


  • Design and development of Onboard Software in accordance to specifications


  • Software design and development
  • Documentation of design Specification
  • Component testing,
  • System and Sub-system level testing in Lab
  • Agile methodologies
  • Continuous integration and continuous development(CICD)



  • ETCS onboard system is a computer-based ATP system supervises the movement of the train on basis of information exchanged with the wayside
  • Informs and supervises the driver
  • Warns the driver of “dangerous” situations and Forces braking when required
  • Is fail-safe


  • Prevents accidents
  • Increase traffic capacity - the tracks can be used more efficiently
  • Introduce high-speed train
  • Introduce single driver operation