Customer Challenge

Good train door design needs a good interface between the car body and the door. This means the doors remain sealed against draughts, water and noise.

Door guides and supports needed to be mounted within the section of doorway which is protected by the door seals and other suitable means – ensuring that no ingress of dust, debris, or any other foreign matter is likely to wear or damage the door equipment.

The proposed design – which needed approval early in the process – needed to be maintenance friendly and suited to an annual cleaning regime.


  • To integrate the supplier-provided door system to the car body design for a project that could be replicated on future schemes across India.
  • Concept Design and review through to PDR/DDR by reviews with project team in India.
  • Release all necessary drawings in VPM/PDM


  • Investigate the supplied concept by door system supplier
  • Provide a feasibility study of the given concept
  • Create concept designs for integration
  • Validate concept proposals with CFT, methods and safety teams
  • Review manufacturability and assembly sequences


  • The TCU is developed to cool down the heat generated by the battery unit while taking traction through the batteries.


  • Generated alternate concept ideas in line with interfaces to car body entrance on lower and upper locations and along sidewall.
  • Presented design ideas in CFTs and selected appropriate concept for implementation
  • Design was tailored to all technical specifications.