Customer Challenge

A major power OEM wanted to do migration of the following with optimum cost & time: 

  • Disparate engineering tools (device functionality configuration software) exist with different look & feel and are based on legacy technologies.
  • There is a need to upgrade them all to similar functionalities, look, feel & compliance to industry standards based on nextgen technology.


  • Replace existing legacy engineering tools used to manage multiple families of Low Voltage (LV) and Medium Voltage (MV) devices
  • Maximize reusability of components
  • IEC61850 Compliance
  • Uniform look & feel to match with company color theme and layout
  • Enhance functionalities


  • Develop a reusable framework as foundation of all tools and maximize reusability
  • Modular design to have flexibility & scalability
  • Build on new technologies
  • Cloud and mobility support



  • Automatic device discovery
  • Graphical representation of communication architecture
  • Communication test & report
  • Device check up & control
  • Comprehensive project report
  • Firmware compatibility matrix
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Settings consistency check
  • Safe & secure project storage in cloud
  • Internet of Things (IoT) enablement


  • Next generation engineering tools released to market ahead of competition
  • Collaborative support and management over cloud
  • Enabling new use cases, business models and revenue streams


  • Significant (>30%) savings due to reusable framework
  • Tools with uniform look and feel to align with company theme
  • Future ready for mobility & cloud support

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