The customer was looking for a partner who could enable transitioning from from selling PCs to selling them as ‘managed devices, thereby opening up new revenue streams and setting up of a new business model.


Quest designed and developed an easy to use, scalable, cloud-based device management solution that encompassed:


  • The overall software framework and analytics functionalities to enable DaaS capability
  • Integration with the Customer Support systems and mobility solution development to provide real time hardware analytics on their machines


Quest also extended device to cloud engineering involving device management functions, security, Identity Management, cloud deployment, device analytics and predictive maintenance


Focus areas: Cloud & Analytics

  • AWS, Azure (MS recorded data), Google Cloud (Click Stream)
  • Clients: iOS, Android, Windows
  • Java/ J2EE tech, Spark, Scala, Python, C#, C++, Objective C, Jmeter, Selenium


  • Customer generated additional revenue of over $1billion leveraging this platform
  • Local-global team facilitated quick scale-up of resources while controlling R&D costs
  • Strong Agile and DevOps practice ensured delivery of high quality products