• Web based solution which can be integrated to their existing system
  • Natural language search (simple English)
  • Exploratory search
  • Pivot table support
  • Dynamically detect & translate between languages


  • Glimpze - developed based on the most recent innovations in the field of semantic technologies (Web 3.0), Natural Languages Processing (NLP) etc. to provide end users with a effective means for smart search, augmented data analytics, extracting insights from large, diverse and complex data sources of a domain.
  • Glimpze uses ontology (ies) that presents to the user a conceptual model of the domain.


  • Direct access to disparate data sources
  • Easy to use query interface
  • Improved business productivity with intuitive reports and analysis


  • Solution built on top of QUEST Glimpze framework
  • Integrated three different data sources
  • Solution integrated to customer internal portal


  • Guided Search
  • NLP Search
  • Effective Data Analysis & Visualization
  • Ad-hoc reports
  • Explorative data analysis
  • Knowledge Panels
  • 3600 View

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