Customer Challenge

CNC Programming Support Using Esprit and NX

A manufacturing unit of an oil and gas major used Esprit and NX for CNC programming. Set up data sheet was created manually. Utilization of senior programmers was not managed well which eventually led to a high-cycle time. 

The challenge was to reduce high-cycle time by adopting automated programs. 


  • Generate CNC programs for Oil tool components from offshore
  • Validate generated programs through Vericut simulation


  • Generate CAD models to mean dimensions
  • Setup creation as per program requirement
  • Selection of cutting tools, feed and speed as per material condition
  • Optimum approach and retract at tool entry and exit of part
  • Optimizing smooth tool path and tool changes to minimize cycle time
  • Generate program output using Postprocessor
  • Simulate codes in Vericut



  • Macros for improving the productivity
  • Control panel to avoid duplication
  • Created family parts library for ease of programming


  • Optimized tool path with lesser metal cutting time than estimated
  • CNC programming for complex oil tool geometries


  • 1800+ Turning programs
  • 1400+ Milling programs