Customer Challenges

A world leader in high end audio/video systems was looking for a strategic partner to

  • Reduce time to market without compromising product quality
  • Help control R&D costs and cater to R&D centers in US, Japan and Australia


Development of

  • Embedded Software – Design and development of embedded software ( firmware, middleware and application)
  • Mobile – Development of Android and iOS mobile applications for accessing the data from cloud.
  • Cloud – For storing the personalization details in cloud

Test Automation to increase efficiency


  • A cross functional team of customer technical architects and QuEST members
  • Onsite bilingual engineers for seamless communication with Japanese customer
  • Agile development model
  • Dedicated governance structure and KPI establishment during KT phase
  • Fully dedicated lab facility with complete infrastructure
  • Test Automation for faster regression test



  • Experienced engineers with flexible capacity pool enabled control of R&D budget
  • Local-global team from QuEST collaborated with customers’ team spread across geographies
  • Test automation enabled full coverage of regression tests during each product release, thereby ensuring on-time stable product releases


  • Delivered a fully functional unit in 12 months
  • Improved product quality and created first-time-right products by increasing amount of test automation


  • High end audio system with industry first features like Mobile app based tuner, personalization details at cloud etc

AV System Software development & Test Automation