Business Requirements

The ATS Software deployed in various geographies, presents the operator with 

  • Signaling Plan, Control Table and Track Schematic
  • Performance reports
  • Development Tools and Integration Simulators


  • Design and development of ATS Software in accordance to CENELEC EN50128 SIL 2


  • Software design and development
  • Documentation of design Specification
  • Component testing, Database Testing
  • System and Sub-system level testing in Lab
  • Agile methodologies and Scrum Framework
  • Continuous integration and continuous development(CICD) with regression testing



  • Provides a human-machine interface
  • Train Regulation on the line
  • Maintenance information collection (on-board, track side & rolling stock alarms)
  • Train identification from train PTI (Positive Train Identification) or TAG
  • Junction and Turnback management, TSR, ATR, ARS and external interface Management


  • Monitoring, Tracking and controlling of trains on guideway
  • Traffic management
  • Daily performance Report Generation
  • Headway and dwell time management