Customer Challenge

Development of Aero engine maintenance manual

An aero engine OEM needed to develop maintenance manuals for its new engine Low Pressure Turbine (LPT) and Thermal Electric Control (TEC) as part of its entry into service. This entailed large volume of technical publication work with high work load variability. The OEM sought an experienced partner and has the necessary capability and capacity to deliver the technical publication for this program.


  • Establish an environment to undertake technical publication work for OEM
  • Authoring and illustration of aero engine manuals


  • Configured production environment for OEM
  • Sourced data for technical publications
  • Impact analysis of data on maintenance.
  • Authoring and illustration of manuals.
  • Reviews (Peer, Technical & Linguistic).



  • Homogeneity (Consistency in usage of Simplified Technical English)
  • XML based authoring for effective reviews across multiple stakeholders
  • Multiple use of Technical Information Data (TID): paper, browser, database, etc.
  • Potential new utilizations of TID (e.g.: connected to real time systems)
  • Local Global mode of delivery


  • Best cost proportion / High Quality
  • Efficient Documentation control
  • Multiple data usage
  • Experienced offshore capability and capacity
  • Work load fluctuation managed


  • On-time delivery of aero engine maintenance manuals
  • First time right