QuEST, a pioneering service provider focused on delivering a comprehensive set of product engineering and digital transformation solutions for the Hi-Tech and Automotive industries. We have been working with the world’s most recognized Fortune 500 companies in semiconductor, consumer electronics, computing/communications and storage, software and Internet, and automotive sectors. Leveraging pervasive technologies like AR/VR, AI, machine learning, deep learning, block chain and emerging manufacturing 4.0 technologies, we have empowered our esteemed clients to optimize business efficiency, sharpen competitive edge, and boost profitability. Our trusted partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft, XILINX, Nvidia, Intel, TI and NXP have helped our clients benchmark their offerings effectively.

At CES 2019, we showcased our offerings in sync with our commitment towards the vision of connected living, and other pressing consumer demands in areas of safety, comfort and enhanced user experience.

Services and Demos Showcase

Product Engineering Services


  • Color critical monitors & instrument clusters – An award winning product originally developed for one of the world’s leading Computer OEMs now used by leading filmmakers.
  • Intelligent test automation framework – A multi-Platform, intelligent, analytics driven automation to help developers and QAs assess impact of code changes and select right regression.
  • ICE Automate – An IoT platform designed for manufacturing equipment that enables predictive maintenance, remote monitoring and diagnostics, Digital Twin, Product-as-a-service among others.

Digital Transformation Framework


  • nFlow platform – Automates interaction with multi-channel support and offers auto-learning ability by combining Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms.
  • AR360 – An immersive AR solution that accelerates digital enterprise workforce and enhance productivity through the AR app for smart glasses and mobile devices.
  • ThirdEye – Powered by NVIDIA & Microsoft technology, this AI based vision-analytics platform powered with advanced intelligent video analytics helps deriving specific patterns and actionable insights from video feed.
  • Asset monitoring – A comprehensive inventory management tool that enables business asset owners to locate, track, monitor and assess their goods and remote assets in real time, 24×7.

Next-gen Automotive


  • FOTA for automotive – A customizable and scalable FOTA solution supports multiple update packages & can update firmware, software and configuration packages.  This includes software of car head unit (IVI) and ECUs.
  • AR for automotive – Effective use of augmented reality in training & maintenance

Conversation Platforms

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Digital Transformation

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Asset Management & Tracking

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