Media Coverage | 25 October 2018
DEW Journal | Building Oilfields of the Future: The Digital Imperatives from Well to Barrel
Oil and Gas industry has been an early adopter of digitalization, what has been largely…
Media Coverage | 15 October 2018
Times of India | From Robots to Hybrid Bikes, Engineering Students Display Creations
Engineering students from across the country showcased their skills in solving the various challenges centered…
Press Releases | 03 October 2018
QuEST Global Partners with Airbus to Foster Innovation Among Engineering Students in India
Flagship applied engineering contest Ingenium 2018 to focus on solutions around Industry 4.0
Media Coverage | 28 September 2018
Automotive Product Finder | IoT: Keystone for Autonomous Driving
As driverless cars hit the road in large numbers, IoT will become increasingly significant in…
Media Coverage | 25 September 2018
Engineering Review | Winds of Change in Engineering Services Outsourcing
Ajay Kumar, Associate Vice President, Global Delivery, writes about the changing trends in Engineering Services…
Media Coverage | 18 September 2018
Oil Asia Journal | Why Is The Oil & Gas Industry Flying Drones?
By using Drones or UAVs, Oil & Gas companies can not only make inspections safer…
Press Releases | 12 September 2018
EXILANT, a QuEST Global Company, Partners with PharmaPoint to Release Latest Version of XchangePoint
Enhanced analytical engine and real-time video conferencing enabled in the latest version
Media Coverage | 11 September 2018
Electronics Maker | Making the Most of FPGA in the Brave New World of Cognitive Technology
In an article published in Electronic Maker, Shaji N.M., Principal Architect, writes about how HLS…
Media Coverage | 30 August 2018
Business Standard | QuEST Global May Spend $200 mn in Making Large Acquisition, Plans Expansion
QuEST, incepted as a Bengaluru-based company before shifting the headquarters to Singapore, has set a…