Shrikant Naik serves as the Global Delivery Head. He commits to providing excellence through a robust distribution model that synchronizes the global delivery team with the various technology, quality, and project management groups at Quest Global. Shrikant builds and leads several key capabilities across multiple domains. 

He successfully sets up best practices that enable large teams and business units to transform into efficient delivery enters that leverage various platforms and processes to drive growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction. 

Shrikant joined Quest Global in 2001 and has served in multiple critical roles. These included leading business units and client accounts, spearheading organizational transformation journeys and redesign efforts, and nurturing fruitful, long-lasting business partnerships. 

Shrikant holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Design Engineering, both from Karnatak University, India.  He has completed Executive Development Program from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and is also a certified Six Sigma Green Belt holder, and has guided many six sigma projects at Quest Global.

Shrikant is an ardent learner with a never-ending passion for nurturing young minds. He strongly believes people are our only assets and ensures we do everything possible to increase the value of this asset. Shrikant is known for his unique way of driving people to believe in themselves and helping them achieve what they thought was not possible.