Jennifer Horsley
Jennifer Horsley
Global Head of Investor Relations

Jennifer develops, leads and executes QuEST’s strategies and financial expectations to the investment community. She is responsible for integrating finance, communication and securities law compliance to enable effective two-way communications between the organization and the financial community, which ultimately helps QuEST achieve fair valuation.

Jennifer has more than 23 years of experience in financial leadership roles with various Fortune organizations. She has been instrumental in incubating higher levels of organic growth to help investors better understand organization strategy and return higher potential. Leveraging her broad financial management experience, and analytical inquiry and communication skills, she is adept at collaborating and establishing clear, credible communications with the investment community.

Prior to joining QuEST, Jennifer was Vice President, Investor Relations for Xerox, where she established strong relationships with buy-side investors and sell-side analysts through organization changes and business shifts.

Her personal interests include spending time outdoors with family, and volunteering within her community. She also enjoys biking, swimming and tennis.

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