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  • Moving beyond 3D – The true benefits of MBE is in collabor

    With all the buzz around Model Based Definitions (MBD) and Model Based Enterprises (MBE), everyone’s talking about moving towards a Model Based Enterprise. However, one of the typical mistakes made by enterprises is creating a 3D model and expecting the results to flow in. That’s a fallacy! What the 3D Model does It helps ca...

    By Divya Agarwal 09 Dec 2016

  • Industrial & Hi Tech

    Industry 4.0 is here

    The next wave of manufacturing is upon us, and it is changing the way our factories and people do business. Industry 4.0, the 4th industrial revolution, channelizes the power of automation, data and analytics to enable machines to be the real decision-makers. Also known as ‘smart manufacturing’, Industry 4.0 is not as much a...

    By Mubarak AR 14 Jun 2017

  • Corporate

    Digital transformation in manufacturing

    A dynamic paperless approach offers instant communication of process information and allows digital feedback to ensure compliance and drive action within a manufacturing organization. The journey of adopting this modern approach is demanding and a long-term vision is critical. Therefore, a strategic partner to provide an expedit...

    By Phil Kloos 13 Jun 2017