Case Study

Post Product Introduction Support (Embedded Systems & Electronics)

unhindered development

To focus on core R&D to develop innovative products and remain competitive in the market, you need someone to take care of product enhancements and bug fixes.

HFC Monitoring: Omni2000


Business Need: 

  • To develop new generation monitoring solution for HFC Broadband monitoring
  • Develop the complete product as company’s own product through OEM partnering
  • Develop the product in multiple phases with features and enhancements for major releases


Background/ Context: 

  • Required a monitoring software with the capability to easily adapt to new cable standards and CATV equipments
  • To build a strong technical team as an offshore development centre (ODC) to work as an extension of their R&D team


Proposition and Execution: 

  • Develop an extensible and flexible client/server software architecture
  • Develop an easy to use and customizable & configurable graphical user interface
  • Develop special hardware core module (Transponder) which can be customized for each different monitored equipment
  • Develop firmware for the transponders which collects all required data to be monitored and sent to central location
  • Design and develop the HMTS (gateway) system which communicate with transponders over RF and Ethernet


Product Features 

  • Continuous monitoring of network Events and Faults
  • Alarm Generation, Alarm Logging, Alarm Filter & Alarm Correlation
  • Multiple Network Topology creation using drag-n-drop UI
  • Automatic detection, population & Provisioning and Configuration of network elements
  • Network Performance monitoring using Channel Scan, Digital Channel Monitor & Spectrum Analyzer transponders
  • Northbound interface to NMS/ OSS through SNMP/ DCOM