Case Study

Medical Imaging

Tomosynthesis for Dental Imaging

Our image processing and algorithm development expertise helped fill a capability gap with a customer and led to the release of a new cutting edge tomosynthesis application for dental imaging.


The customer wanted to create a cutting edge Tomosynthesis based dental imaging application for a mid-range Dental equipment player. They also wanted to suppress overlapping structures that make analysis of front tooth difficult in a Dental Panorama and remove cervical spine in dental panorama.

The customer also wanted to reduce exposure to X-Rays as Tomosynthesis is a limited ROI reconstruction technique. This makes it especially useful in periodic post-operative diagnosis.



Expertise of QuEST Global in medical image processing, algorithm development came in handy since customer did not have an R&D team for algorithm development. Our imaging algorithm experts visited client site to understand the requirements and to understand the actual system. They prepared a generic algorithm for intra–oral and extra-oral Tomosynthesis. Algorithm experts from QuEST Global worked closely with customer to optimize the algorithm for image re-construction and improve performance. Image viewing capabilities of the existing system was improved to incorporate the new workflow.



QuEST Global helped the customer to considerably reduce R&D effort is and customer need not pay any royalties for research institutions. The customer also got the early bird advantage and sales pitch for using Tomosynthesis among dental imaging fraternity.

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