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Offshore Development Team for Development and Test Automation for Broadband Monitoring System


Business Need 

  • An offshore Embedded team with product development experience from concept to product in broadband domain
  • To create a fully automated build and test automation process for their broadband monitoring product lines that involve multiple software, hardware devices and Operating Systems
  • To build a dedicated test lab with automated test infrastructure and nightly-build for time zone benefits
  • To maintain lab facility at lower cost and provide L1-L3 service support to end customers


Background / Context 

  • Need a partner to manage the complete product development and release management process and providing L1-L3 technical support at lower cost


Proposition and Execution 

  • Evaluation of various hardware and software technologies in development, test aspects, coverage, hardware and OS environments
  • Analysis of hardware devices, protocols involved, test points, communication mechanism, hardware control and test bed requirements
  • Critical analysis of the overall system, automation scope, build system and decision on choice of required tools.
  • Development of build and test automation system. Continuous improvement and technology/ tool migrations


Engagement Model 

  • Onsite and Offshore development under T&M 
  • Additional fixed price sub-projects for test automation of new devices upon end customer request


Major Challenges 

  • Full product development from concept to product with faster time to market
  • Development of hardware test jigs with software control of power, RF, I/O, ADC & DAC
  • Generation of common scripts and configuration for abstracting common device functions
  • Network configuration, control and OS environment recreation & restoration
  • Proprietary protocol based devices integration and firmware updates


Business Values Delivered 

  • Cost Benefits: Approx. 17.5M USD saved over 14 years
  • Cycle Time Reduction: Up to 66%
  • Process Benefits:
    • Nightly build with automated messaging
    • Reduction in errors due to manual verification
    • Stable and streamlined release process
    • On time availability and dissemination of Reports
    • Defect Density:
      • Pre-shipment capture: increased up to 20%
      • Post-shipment: reduced up to 50%