Strength & Impact

Medical Electronics

Re-engineering Ultrasound Machine

We completely redesigned the hardware, firmware and user interface of a customer’s ultrasound machine to reduce BOM cost, cost of support arising from obsolete parts and to overcome performance issues.

Business Need

  • Complete redesign of hardware, firmware and User interface

Background / Context

  • Original product with obsolete components and Legacy platforms
  • High cost of support due to obsolete parts
  • Performance issues

QuEST Contribution

  • Re-engineered the firmware and rewritten in C language and ported to DaVinci platform.
  • Did complete software porting to new platform
  • Designed using TMS320DM6446 (DSP + ARM) DaVinci Chip from TI and replaced existing ARM base PC core MPC823.
  • Development was done in MontaVista Linux 4.0 based OS.
  • Application from legacy CPU were ported to DaVinci ARM core.
  • Did the Linux driver porting & new driver development for connecting peripherals like USB and Ethernet

Benefits to Client

  • Completely redesigned PCBs and software
  • Reduced BOM Cost