Case Study

Medical Electronics

Re-engineering Ultrasound Machine

We completely redesigned the hardware, firmware and user interface of a customer’s ultrasound machine to reduce BOM cost, cost of support arising from obsolete parts and to overcome performance issues.


The customer wanted a complete redesign of hardware, firmware and user interface. The original product built with obsolete components and legacy platforms and the customer had to spend high cost of support due to obsolete parts. Along with this, the machine also had performance issues.



The QuEST Global team re-engineered the firmware and rewritten in C language and ported to DaVinci platform. The team did complete software porting to new platform and designed using TMS320DM6446 (DSP + ARM) DaVinci Chip from TI and replaced existing ARM base PC core MPC823. Development was done in MontaVista Linux 4.0 based OS and application from legacy CPU were ported to DaVinci ARM core. The team also did the Linux driver porting & new driver development for connecting peripherals like USB and Ethernet.



QuEST Global team helped the customer to completely redesign PCBs and software while reducing the BOM Cost.