Next generation numerical simulation using isight

At a time when product optimization is the need of the hour, designers across disciplines are looking for utilities which can facilitate faster and easier evaluation of their product under different conditions. Isight is one such tool which provides immense flexibility to integrate several functions. It provides a platform to integrate various tasks of a design evaluation in sequential, parallel and logical manner.

This white paper presents a case study where utilities of Isight have been used for attaining a very high level of simulation automation and optimization. The case study illustrated here is about the design of an in-feed Transformation for Robotic Unscrambler. The challenge of this project was to design an in-feed system that can transport a variety of bottles (ranging from 250ml to 2500ml volume and of different shapes) through various conveyor systems, meeting all the “technical success criteria”.

This case study truly symbolizes next generation in numerical simulation due to its capability and level of automation achieved. Highlights of the capabilities built through Isight include the creation and evaluation of different design variants using a spreadsheet. This excel sheet has around 50 parameters that are used to uniquely define particular design iteration. Towing the similar line in terms of automation, this case study illustrates how hundreds of tasks have been performed using just two manual operations.

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