Case Study

Medical Electronics

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Advanced medical technology continues to have a dramatic impact on longevity and quality of life. Our engineering solutions can help maintain the quality of equipment in the field and avoid obsolescence concerns.

Re-engineering of X-Ray Table Control



Replace the obsolete CPU and CPLD used in the legacy system and combine PCBs to reduce cost with firmware download facility.



The QuEST Global team completely redesigned the control unit hardware, firmware and FPGA. Obsolete CPU was replaced with an advanced processor and removed other obsolete components too and redesigned the hardware by combining two PCBs into one. Firmware was changed from assembly source to OS based C source and obsolete CPLD changed to SPARTAN based FPGA. The team also implemented firmware download facility over USB.



The customer was able to get extended life cycle and reduction in BOM cost. There was also a significant reduction in power consumption.


Other benefits includes:

  • Support for multiple variants of X-ray machines
  • Improved product support due to state of art components
  • Factory line firmware download facility