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Advanced medical technology continues to have a dramatic impact on longevity and quality of life. Our engineering solutions can help maintain the quality of equipment in the field and avoid obsolescence concerns.

Re-engineering of X-Ray Table Control


Business Need

  • Replace the obsolete CPU and CPLD used in the legacy system
  • Combine PCBs to reduce cost
  • Firmware download facility

QuEST contribution

  • Completely redesigned the control unit hardware, firmware and FPGA
  • Obsolete CPU was replaced with an advanced processor
  • Removed other obsolete components too and redesigned the hardware by combining two PCBs into one
  • Firmware was changed from assembly source to OS based C source
  • Obsolete CPLD changed to SPARTAN based FPGA
  • Implemented firmware download facility over USB

Benefits to client

  • Extended life cycle and reduction in BOM cost
  • Reduction in power consumption
  • Support for multiple variants of X-ray machines
  • Improved product support due to state of art components
  • Factory line firmware download facility

Current Status

  • Phase 1 completed and delivered to the client