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Services include development of cloud enabled mobile apps, middleware & application framework customization, testing & test automation for Social Networking, Consumer Devices & Apps, Multimedia Devices & Network Mngmnt.

Home Monitoring & Control System


Business Need

Develop a smartphone enabled remote home monitoring & control system


  • Developing a smart home system that allows remote monitor and control of air condition units, IP Cameras and Lighting Control units from multiple vendors
  • Design highly data optimized cloud based application services and smart phone app that works under bandwidth congested network conditions.


  • Developed product specifications closely working with customers’ marketing and engineering teams creating the complete use case scenarios as the initial stage
  • Staged development under two prototype phases, followed by final development
  • Developed secure cloud management and mobile apps for home monitoring & control
  • Developed M2M Control Modules (ZigBee/ IR) that allow remotely monitor and control Air Conditioners, Lights and Electric sockets with remote upgrade to support new devices
  • Developed an Ethernet-ZigBee Gateway Module which always is connected with the cloud service, sending real-events to cloud and allowing remote access from mobile.


  • Completed the development in two stage prototype and made production ready in six months
  • Designed network connectivity aware mobile app that saves data usage when operated from home (automatically configures by detecting internet/ local home network connectivity)