Case Study

Post Product Introduction Support (Embedded Systems & Electronics)

ROI reinforced

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L2/L3 Switch with PoE Support


Business Need 

  • Migrate existing source base to new hardware platform of Enterprise Gigabit switch while maintaining compatibility with old platforms
  • Required to support multiple models with the same firmware, including past and future models. So a reusable, extensible and flexible design was required
  • Needed a long-term partner to offshore existing product enhancements /customizations to free-up core R&D team



  • Needed a strategic partner with experience in firmware & application development, embedded and board design expertise in networking domain


Team Size & Schedule 

  • 16 engineers
  • 7 months


Project Metrics 

Metrics Data
Original code size analyzed 4 Million LOC
Modified/Added code size 29 KLOC
Test cases 19000
Test scripts size 5 KLOC