Case Study

Cutting Edge Connectivity

Here’s an example of how we are at the forefront of technology. Our lighting automation technology has control over wi-fi established and leverages Internet of Things.

Lighting Automation: TED project



To develop an Automated Light Control System over an Internet of Things (IoT) with the capability of:

  • Control using Wi-Fi interface
  • Control using Web interface



  •  Android application development to configure LED groups made by arranging LED strips in rows and columns
  • Color assignment in the code and storage of all data and configurations in SQLite database.
  • Code development for providing users with option of regrouping, re-coloring and deleting the LED groups
  • Set up of communication link between Android device and Hardware
  • Set up of communication link between Hardware and Smart LEDs using SPI bus



 In house capability developed in following areas –

  • Android Jelly Beans, Java, C
  • Database: SQLite
  • Web Based Control