Strength & Impact

Medical Imaging

CT Perfusion

We contributed to the development of a new image analysis program to more quickly analyze CT perfusion images of the brain.

Business Need

  • Image analysis software to support the analysis of CT perfusion images of the brain
  • To assist in determining the extent of perfusion, blood volume etc. in conditions like stroke and in making decisions regarding treatment

Background / Context

  • QuEST’s expertise in radiology image processing
  • QuEST developed the equipment software for Portable CT machine of the client

QuEST contribution

  • Involved right from the requirement gathering and took over complete design and development.
  • Implemented the calculation of Perfusion related parameters like Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF), Cerebral Blood Volume (CBV) and Mean Transit Time (MTT)
    using deconvolution based algorithm
  • Developed OpenGL based visualization module to display the perfusion parameters as colour coded maps
  • Developed simple and easy to use image viewer to display the peak image and the maps along with image processing capabilities.
  • Implemented features like automatic tissue selection, display of arterial and venous time flow graphs and ROI placement

Benefits to client

  • New features helped to increase confidence of radiologists by allowing quick and accurate diagnosis