Case Study

Medical Electronics

Advanced ECG Monitor

We developed an ECG measurement system with advanced features such as 12 Lead ECG, TFT LCD, Capacitive Touch Screen and popular communication interfaces like WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, USB.

Advanced ECG Monitor


Business Need:

  • 12 channel ECG device
  • HL7 ADT interfaces
  • Support for Continua alliance
  • Compliance to IHE cardiology profiles

QuEST Contribution:

  • Expert team for fast prototype development and finalizing the algorithm
  • Implemented the ECG algorithm that handles IIR and FIR filters for noise removal, lead position information and detects QRS heart rate
  • Designed the system so that ARM core receives data and DSP core processes the signal
  • 3G module is interfaced with USB
  • Implemented HL-7 interfaces
  • Implemented the workflows to support IHE cardiology profiles

Benefits to Client:

  • Advanced product in market