• Automotive Engineering Services -Transfer Case ECU
    Strength & Impact

    engage emerging markets

    As emerging market transportation demand peaks, bank on us to localize your auto models to these markets. Read more to find out how we supported end-to-end product development for emerging market.

  • Automotive Engineering Services -Verification of RADAR based LCA and BSM
    Strength & Impact

    conquer human follies

    Our expertise in working on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems have helped OEMs to ensure better passenger and road safety.

  • Evaluation of Alternate Material for Hood
    Strength & Impact

    promise performance

    For us God is in the details. By taking care of nuances, we help you succeed in your product performance and technology innovation goals.

  • Johann Greska

    We work on HMI, displays, design and instrument clusters for the automotive industry. Infotainment and telematics are worth mentioning too.

  • Automotive

    The ability for QuEST to learn our processes & products and also to be more self-sustained have improved.

  • Appreciation to the Migration Partners’ Team- Customer Speak

    Thank you and big appreciation to the migration partners’ team.

  • automotive

    QuEST hit the ground running. Very prompt and perfect level of communication.

  • Overall very good quality deliverables and we are happy with the overall on-site/offshore model of execution. Team is flexible and quick to learn our systems...
  • Electronics

    Our end-to-end solutions and accelerators in body electronics have quite many times helped Tier 1s to meet their otherwise impossible time to market deadlines.

  • Exteriors

    Stringent requirements for pedestrian protection and crash safety influence our external part development for front & rear ends, bumper systems, sill panelling, trim, grilles and covers, under shields and wheel arch liners.

  • Infotainment

    We work with some premium OEMs to ensure their In-Vehicle Infotainment systems are equipped with the latest technologies, remain stable and reliable, benefit from cost reductions with optimized design and new generation Human Machine Interface (HMI) Displays.

  • Interiors

    We design and develop everything from individual components to holistic vehicle interiors, such as cockpit and centre console, roof and pillar lining,hatch covers, boot and floor linings, door and side panelling, seats and restraint systems, and acoustic insulation.

  • Powertrain and Chassis

    We engineer the future of driving with hybrid drives, range extenders, fuel cells, and other such technologies making your driving experience a memorable one.

  • Vehicle Ventilation System Analysis

    Find out how we reduced cabin noise and improved flow rate in a passenger vehicle.

  • Integration of New Engines on Existing Line

    See how we improved the capacity of the assembly line.