• Enhance to emulate
    Case Study

    enhance to emulate

    Here's how we helped our customer to update existing EMS user experience applications provide real-time situation-awareness through modern user-experience layer.

  • Case Study

    automate to optimize

    Learn how we helped a client, running a power substation, by providing automated testing solution to optimize testing schedules and costs.

  • Case Study

    reduce regressions

    We helped a customer in the power domain anticipate faults and reduce maintenance costs of power transformers using its Asset Management System. Explore more.

  • Babu Thanissery

    Improving the competitiveness of core components in conventional power plants, accelerating rollout of new renewable solutions and leveraging digital technologies to make the grid more efficient are key priorities for Power solution providers. With its excellent domain capabilities and horizontal solutions, QuEST Global is uniquely positioned to support these initiatives.

  • Manoj Vivek

    Accelerating next generation product development programs through co-creation and by cost-effectively sustaining established products. Partner with us to leverage the benefits of two decades of technology, domain and process know-how.

  • Final Deliverables always seem to make it before the drop dead date. I am completely satisfied with the competence of the team, using the tools and systems. The amount of time I invest has reduced sig

  • Power Industry QuEST Global

    With QuEST we have a strong relationship and we scale together in the good times and work together to find solutions in the bad times. For us, the 15 years of partnership is a big deal.

  • Power Transmission & Distribution

    I am completely satisfied with QuEST’s competency and expertise with our tools and systems. This has helped me free up my valuable time. You are proactive issue solvers, show great diligence in research.

  • During the project preparation and execution, QuEST partnership is highly appreciated. In several circumstances, the team has shown availability, reactivity and expertise and these skills are fundamental for us.

  • Reduce regressions

    Thanks for all your efforts and adaptability on this project. Even if I and team are not available to work with you, your presence in our location is very valuable for the current project and for future projects.

  • HV Substation Detail Engineering

    Considered judgments are to be made to assess the performance of existing designs and the consequence of design modifications. The application of a conceptual design and performance prediction procedure adds significant

  • Integration of IT into Power Transmission and Distribution

    Integration of IT software packages like CRM, ERP, and GIS based monitoring into Power Transmission and Distribution. Learn how QuEST Global can help your business.

  • Efficient battery monitoring solution

    Learn how we ensured efficient management of smart grid assets and optimized energy usage, by building a solution to monitor battery performance and use predictive analytics to take pre-emptive action.