Achieving digital transformation across power generation, transmission, and distribution software systems helps power OEMs and utility companies build what the industry demands: digital power plants and smart grids that produce, transmit, and distribute energy efficiently.

A key factor in taking on this challenge is gaining the ability to retrofit and modernize control system electronics; integrate operation platforms with IT systems; and implement remote monitoring to manage distributed energy resources.

With deep domain expertise in the power industry, QuEST Global delivers several key capabilities to drive the design and development of software and electronic systems for power generation, transmission, distribution, and smart grids:

  • Providing flexibility to retrofit and modernize legacy control systems
  • Facilitating the digital transformation of operational systems
  • Streamlining new technology deployments through Agile methodologies and by unifying software development and operations (DevOps)
  • Enabling new business model adoption such as software-as-a-service (SaaS)

Our innovative solutions help power companies produce more affordable, reliable, accessible, and sustainable systems.

Importance of Condition Monitoring in Power Transformers
Power transformers, though very small in number, play a critical role in the transmission of power in an electric grid.…
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