Driven by rapid technological changes, new components are developed and launched in the market with increasing speed. This results in an issue for a growing electronic industry where life cycles of products no longer fit together with life cycles of required components. Therefore a part is no longer available from its original manufacturer or the part becomes obsolete.

At QuEST through our  excellent obsolescence management process and capabilities, we ensure that your in-service product is not affected by obsolete parts. With our proven obsolescence management approach, we provide aftermarket support to our customers in Power, Medical Devices, Aerospace domains.

In addition to obsolescence management, with our system design engineering capability we can support you in product redesign to assure you that the obsolete components are replaced with latest available components, and at the same time to ensure that product performance and user experience are enhanced.

Benefits of QuEST Obsolescence Management Services

  • Partnership with semiconductor companies
  • Cost savings through collaboration opportunities
  • Customer-specific Obsolescence Management programs
  • Experienced multi-disciplined engineers dedicated to obsolescence management

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