• Case Study

    minimize downtime

    Learn how we helped a customer in Power industry to minimize unplanned downtime of a power plant and increase plant uptime up to 100%.

  • Case Study

    partner to excel

    Ensure successful implementation of digital manufacturing solutions by partnering with a strategic partner. Learn more.

  • Case Study

    ensure sustenance

    By managing the sustenance of EOL legacy software for our customer in the Power industry, we helped them reduce drag and minimize fluctuation. Learn how.

  • Nick Williams

    With our Local-Global delivery model, we try to deliver the right mix of price, capability and speed for our customers in various domains across the globe. This model also helps us to support our customers throughout the product development lifecycle.

  • Greg Snyder

    Our engineering solutions for the Power Industry can help you reduce costs and improve product performance.

  • Tremendous Energy to Convert Our Supplier Strategy - Customer Speak

    QuEST enabled our engineering team to focus on core activities by executing non-core activities through their vast experience in offshoring. QuEST leadership brought in tremendous energy to convert our supplier strate

  • power generation

    The team has some good experience with various MLIs, very responsive and self-sufficient.

  • Engineering is much about technical skills, but also a great portion of entrepreneurship and good cooperation with other associates. You have a great portion of all that.

  • Digitizing energy ecosystem

    Digitizing the energy ecosystem from end to end will be essential action of this hour, how is QuEST Global going to leverage the situation?

  • Power plants get smarter with digitalization

    Digitalization has had a positive impact on almost every sector and the power plant division is no exception. The digital transformation means a lot to the power plant sector. Learn more.

  • Reduce Cycle Time of Hydro Turbine Design

    QuEST's automation solutions can help you to reduce design cycle time for your turbine components.