• Strength & Impact

    accurate assessment

    Timely and accurate assessment of Gas Turbine component health during operation can avoid damage and reduce unplanned expenditure by 25%. Learn how.

  • Strength & Impact

    predict predicament

    Learn how FSA Analysis of Francis Turbine Stay Vane can predict the stresses observed during the experiments.

  • Power Generation- Generator Health Monitoring System
    Strength & Impact

    Lean out Drag

    Our proven Work Stream Work-Out process maps the exact steps in your process that can be outsourced, thereby leaning out your development process and reducing drag.

  • James Gallo

    Our engineering solutions improve product performance and reduce cost.

  • Tremendous Energy to Convert Our Supplier Strategy - Customer Speak

    QuEST enabled our engineering team to focus on core activities by executing non-core activities through their vast experience in offshoring. QuEST leadership brought in tremendous energy to convert our supplier strate

  • power generation

    The team has some good experience with various MLIs, very responsive and self-sufficient.

  • Application of design automation to reduce cycle time of hydro turbine design

    Hydropower is the largest renewable source of electricity and there is lot of focus in upgrading existing hydel power plants in India, or set up new ones.

  • The Hydro Generator Mantra Renovate, Modernize and Uprate

    Hydro-electric power is reliable & renewable but requires huge initial investment of time, funds & infrastructure. This whitepaper demonstrates how RMU uses modern design & materials to boost plant output at low cost.

  • Wind Turbine Health Monitor Unit Redesign

    Find out how we saved more than $700 in unit cost through design and material changes.