• Accurate analytics
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    accurate analytics

    Timely and accurate assessment of Gas Turbine component health during operation can avoid damage and reduce unplanned expenditure by 25%. Learn how.

  • Expedite design cycle
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    expedite design cycle

    Our expertise in Engineering Analysis can help you predict operating parameters accurately enabling significant reduction in post processing cycle time.

  • Simplify sustenance activities
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    simplify sustenance

    Reap benefits of modernization without worrying about tedious sustenance activities. Partner with us.

  • James Gallo

    Our engineering solutions improve product performance and reduce cost.

  • Tremendous Energy to Convert Our Supplier Strategy - Customer Speak

    QuEST enabled our engineering team to focus on core activities by executing non-core activities through their vast experience in offshoring. QuEST leadership brought in tremendous energy to convert our supplier strate

  • power generation

    The team has some good experience with various MLIs, very responsive and self-sufficient.

  • Weight Reduction of Cooler Unit

    QuEST supported a power gen major in reducing the weight of cooler unit by 20% thereby increasing its competitiveness in market. Learn how.

  • Wind Turbine Health Monitor Unit Redesign

    Find out how we saved more than $700 in unit cost through recommending design and material changes for a wind turbine health monitoring unit

  • Reduce Cycle Time of Hydro Turbine Design

    QuEST's automation solutions can help you to reduce design cycle time for your turbine components.