Power OEMs require mechanical design and development engineering partners with deep industry domain expertise who can also adjust to unique processes, workflows, tools when coordinating activities and take on complete ownership of end-to-end mechanical design processes and bring system releases to market faster.

The challenge lies in finding the right partner that can deliver on these attributes.

QuEST offers a pool of scalable engineering capacity to expand the scope of what we do for each client as our partnership evolves. We have the agility to react quickly to short lead times and can accelerate design and simulation activities when necessary.

Our capabilities also include broad domain expertise in designing and simulating engineering solutions for the power industry—with specific expertise in gas, steam, hydroelectric, and wind turbine power generators.

Importance of Condition Monitoring in Power Transformers
Power transformers, though very small in number, play a critical role in the transmission of power in an electric grid.…
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