• Provide Sustaining Engineering Solutions
    Strength & Impact

    sustain success

    We took on a customer’s sustaining engineering stream enabling them to focus on the more important innovation & new product development.

  • Oil an Gaspstream Structured End-To-End Solution
    Strength & Impact

    outsourcing demystified

    Our structured end-to-end solution includes road mapping, recommendation of tools, hiring, and work stream work-out and shatters many deterrent myths on outsourcing.

  • Inder Chawla

    We help our customers burn their backlog by taking on their sustaining load allowing them more time to focus on core NPI and further their market share.

  • Level of Quality and Professionalism - Customer Speak

    Continue at this level of quality and professionalism.

  • Productivity Improvement in Generation of SOPs for Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturing

    This white paper considers the challenges involved in generation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the oil and gas equipment manufacturing sector. It also offers an improved work process for generating better quality SOPs more efficiently.

  • Outsourcing of R&D in Oil and Gas Industry

    A research project goes through more iterations than a typical development one. Thus it makes sense to outsource the tedious task of engineering.

  • NPD: Model Test Design for Compressors

    Read on to find out our contributions to predict the performance of new products and assess that of the existing ones.