• Re-Engineer Business During not So Good Times
    Strength & Impact

    recession re-engineering

    Re-engineer your business during not so good times, cut losses, drive cost-outs and emerge unscathed.

  • Midstream Oil & Gas -Centre of Excellence for Compressors
    Strength & Impact

    convenient consolidation

    Our integrated services enable leaning out your suppliers thereby reducing the hassle of managing multiple suppliers and controlling cost through consolidation.

  • John Blanco

    Analytics is important in the complete lifecycle of the oil well because of data capture. Condition based maintenance is driving analytics in this industry.

  • A Valuable Resource at Northbelt - Customer Speak

    QuEST has been a valuable resource to our team at Northbelt.

  • Asset Condition Monitoring System

    Read on to find out how we demonstrated cost benefits above 70%.

  • Auxiliaries Design Solutions

    Multi-disciplinary design engineering solutions for customization of equipment arrangements.