• Strength & Impact

    detect damages in time

    Our pool of flexible and scalable resource helped analyze pipeline damages faster and with more clarity.

  • Strength & Impact

    sustaining engineering

    Learn how our engineers helped an oilfield services company resolve field issues faster with sustaining engineering support.

  • Strength & Impact

    data driven

    How can oil and gas companies make their data work for them effectively with the help of master data management? Explore more. Sustaining Eng.

  • QuEST has been a valuable resource to our team at Northbelt.

  • Functional Outsourcing vs Least labour

    What are the benefits of transitioning from least labour to functional outsourcing? Here’s all you need to know.

  • How R&D Outsourcing Frees Up Resources?

    Facing technical challenges and escalating costs, operators are tasking oilfield service companies to reduce well construction and production costs. Is there a way out?