• Replacing Buried Process Lines by Air mounted Pipes
    Strength & Impact

    techknowledge edge

    Over the next 5 years, oil & gas industry will lose 50-80% of workforce to retirement. Our capable, flexible capacity of human resources help you cope with attrition.

  • Replacing Gas Burners for Natural Gas Burners
    Strength & Impact

    refined processes

    When you partner with us, we don’t just engineer for you. Together with you we chart out what can be outsourced and then streamline and standardize processes.

  • Umesh Channappa

    When you choose functional outsourcing reduction of overhead cost, availability of an extended team with full accountability are the benefits.

  • The offshore team put out very good work.

  • Translation of Operation Manuals

    For highest quality documents.

  • Red Lining of Drawings

    1500 drawings in about 45 days flat.

  • Cathodic Protection Installation in Process Lines

    Check out our Engineering Process Service and Instrumentation Controls and Electric support to one of our downstream customers.