• Case Study

    ensure efficiency

    Learn how we helped a customer in Oil & Gas industry achieve optimal temperature distribution across gas turbine wheels and shaft compressor assembly points, and in turn, ensured maximum efficiency.

  • Case Study

    mitigate risks

    Combining our deep domain knowledge and experience in engineering services, our engineers enabled optimization of the shaft design to ensure the operating of the rotor far from critical frequencies that helped the client

  • Blog

    data driven

    How can oil and gas companies make their data work for them effectively with the help of metadata management? Explore more.

  • Shrihari H S

    As the Oil & Gas industry is facing new reality of lower-for-longer prices, there is a strong need to find newer operating models that are frugal, efficient and safe. Innovative and technology-driven solutions are the way-forward.

  • Customer Speak-Oil and Gas customer

    The offshore team put out very good work.

  • The contribution from QuEST Global’s engineering team for a program that was recently launched is tremendous. The team understands the complete code and domain very well.

  • Addressing challenges faced by O & G OEMs

    By providing innovative engineering solutions, learn how QuEST Global can address the challenges faced by Oil & Gas OEMs.

  • Product Re-engineering & Cost Out of Oil & Gas Zone-0

    Re-engineer your business during not so good times, cut losses, drive cost-outs and emerge unscathed. Learn how.