• Seamless communication
    Case Study

    seamless communication

    With our expertise in embedded systems development and knowledge of regulatory standards, we created an operation room information gateway connected to cloud to enable real time monitoring.

  • Medical electronics solutions
    Case Study

    customized solutions

    With our end to end expertise in providing medical electronics solutions, we developed a portable ECG platform for a leading medical devices vendor while utilizing agile framework for faster project delivery.

  • Super value products
    Case Study

    increase value

    Building on our strong Value Engineering expertise, QuEST has successfully helped medical devices vendors in bringing down BOM costs and creating super value products for developing countries.

  • Anoop Bahuleyan

    Our medical electronics solutions help with the maintainability of equipment and can be specially tailored to value segment products.

  • Re-engineering of X-Ray Table Control

    Our engineering solutions can help maintain the quality of equipment in the field and avoid obsolescence concerns.

  • Enhancement of Electro Surgery System

    We incorporated bi polar probe device connectivity to an existing electrosurgical generator without affecting the mono polar probe function.

  • Re-engineering Ultrasound Machine

    We completely redesigned the hardware, firmware and user interface of a customer's ultrasound machine to reduce BOM cost, cost of support arising from obsolete parts and to overcome performance issues.