• Medical Electronics Engineering - Re-engineering of X-Ray Table Control
    Strength & Impact

    long life

    Advanced medical technology continues to have a dramatic impact on longevity and quality of life. Our engineering solutions can help maintain the quality of equipment in the field and avoid obsolescence concerns.

  • Anoop Bahuleyan

    Our medical electronics solutions help with the maintainability of equipment and can be specially tailored to value segment products.

  • Enhancement of Electro Surgery System (Class II Device)

    We incorporated bi polar probe device connectivity to an existing electrosurgical generator without affecting the mono polar probe function.

  • Advanced ECG Monitor

    We developed an ECG measurement system with advanced features such as 12 Lead ECG, TFT LCD, Capacitive Touch Screen and popular communication interfaces like WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, USB.

  • Re-engineering Ultrasound Machine

    We completely redesigned the hardware, firmware and user interface of a customer's ultrasound machine to reduce BOM cost, cost of support arising from obsolete parts and to overcome performance issues.