Medical device manufacturers are grappling with stringent global guidelines and quality requirements. Non-compliance to these standards often results in product recalls, which in turn, lead to higher costs and tanking customer confidence. Device manufacturers today face challenges in early identification of defects, which leads to a prolonged testing cycle. Essentially, Verification & Validation without automation implies higher costs that stem from inefficient testing, compliance needs with international quality system directives and high lead time. This, in turn, creates fresh hurdles in the face of shrinking time-to-market demands.

QuEST’s dedicated V&V teams provide an unbiased testing solution for medical device OEMs by identifying and engaging potential issues at an early stage with scalable talent pool on the V&V standards. We provide support across different phases of integration testing, system testing to acceptance testing. Test architecture, Test Specification Documentation, Manual & Automated Test Execution, and Test Reporting are implemented with a rapidly scaled-up manner to shorten your test cycle time.

Our verification & validation services are focused around:

Functional Testing
Our multi-disciplinary testing services include Smoke Testing, System Integration Testing, System Testing, and Interoperability Testing, Localization Testing, Behavior Driven Testing, and others.

Non-Functional Testing
Non-functional testing services help our clients acknowledge the quality and reliability of the product with Performance, Load, Security and Vulnerability Testing

Devops & Build Automation
QuEST assures Continuous Integration, Testing and Deployment Services with integrated DevOps & Build Automation solution.

Safety and Compliance Test
With certified Safety and Compliance testing facilities like compliance with IEC 60601x, Pre-Compliance Testing (Electrical), QuEST provides essential support for clients.

Pre-Clinical Validation
QuEST offers Pre-Clinical Validation service of design, functionality and safety aspects as per (ISO 10993) for medical device companies.

Other Specialized Services
QuEST’s specialized services like DevOps Based Automation, Virtualized Test Environment & Automated Deployment, and Monitoring Solutions provides for 360-degree support process.

QuEST provides a roadmap for your V&V needs with 20+ years of experience with the leading global medical devices companies. QuEST’s integrated V&V ecosystem and extensive domain understanding make us the ideal partner to verify and validate your products.

Our state-of-the art accelerators, tools, enablers and service offerings in device testing, combined with our proven ability to reduce testing cycle time, shorter time-to-market contributes to overcoming challenges in the V&V processes of your product development lifecycle. Our solution enables you to roll out the best quality products. Key highlights include:

  • Centre of Excellence & Centre of Competence QuEST has CoE system for thought leadership guidance and CoC system to support specific expertise.
  • DevOps & Test Automation Accelerate testing cycle with latest test automation tools and in-house test frameworks.
  • Qualified Testing resources Resource pool with domain knowledge & expertise across regulatory conformance standards.
  • Continuous Improvement Continuous optimization of testing processes with shorter testing cycles.

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