• Replacing Hardware Blocks with Software
    Strength & Impact

    cutback cost

    We can help you reduce the cost position of your products through re-engineering efforts.

  • Mahesh U

    Avoid the complexities of working with multiple suppliers. From data acquisition to UI design & development, rely on us for all of your medical equipment software needs.

  • Contribution to a new premium CT platform

    Read more about how we contributed to the development of a revolutionary new CT platform, which has been received favorably in the market.

  • Portable CT Scanner Software

    Find out how we realized huge savings for our customer in licensing fee and reduced processing time to 32 milliseconds per slice for full body CT reconstruction.

  • Software Re-engineering of an Angiography System

    We helped re-engineer an angiography system to improve the imaging sub system & dose management, incorporate relevant IHE profiles, implement new & advanced clinical applications.